We believe cybersecurity should be collaborative

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Helping you think out of the box and innovate

By combining cutting edge approach using design thinking and deep technical experstise , we will help you rethink yours cybersecurity posture.

Always challenging the status quo.

Not all the product are equal. Why invest money in a cybersecurity solution that you will drop or never use? We will work side-by-side with you to take the right decision.

Connecting the dot between your team and enabling collective work.

Been successful together. That's our mantra. We will support your company to seed long term collaborative work and establish strong information security management system.

Our Services

Cybersecurity Design thinking

Pushing your team to ideate and build top class internal information security management system.

Threat Intelligence

Create insightfull and actionable threat intelligence program.

Social Enginnering

Craft bestspoke social engineering scenario and train your team to respond to it.

Vulnerability Management

Integrate vulnerability management program with your business constraints

Incident Response

Helping you create strong incident response mechanizm to survive to the worst disaster and learn from your mistake.


Invest your money and time where you will create real added value.

Meet The Team

We bring together expertises from differrent walk of life.

Paul Dubourg

Problem Solver in Chief & Co-founder

Paul Dubourg is a dedicated problem solver with over 10 years of expertise in the cybersecurity landscape and innovation.

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